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Permanent Theaters

Our workshop has constructed three stationary theaters, two of which currently reside in amusement parks.  All theaters were designed, fabricated, and hand-painted by our talented artists and craftsmen. Each is unique unto itself and designed to inspire creativity and imagination. In addition, several traveling theaters are available for touring shows to special events, festivals and other venues.

The Rainbow Castle

    The Rainbow Castle has been bringing magic to The Land Of Make Believe in Hope, New Jersey for over 20 years. Many families have told us that performing in our shows is the highlight of their day at the park. Over the years we have become one of the main attractions. 

The Time Machine Theater

    The Time Machine Theatre has been making memories in the woods of Knoebels Amusement Resort for over 30 years! Generations of families have participated in our shows. Now parents who were a part of the story when they were younger get to act out the story with their children. For many returning guests the show has become a family tradition.

Information and Booking 


Whether you have limited space or need to create a spectacle, we offer a variety of ways to put on a show at your event. We provide the stage, sound-system, costumes and performers. All we need is an audience! Listed below are our different theaters and scenery options. 

Unicorn Theater

One of our largest and most popular theatres! The Unicorn theater is sure to inspire awe and imagination. 


Travel Height: Under 10'

Power Source: Two 120-v power source

Dimensions: The Unicorn theatre has a 8' x 17' footprint and is 12' 6" tall. 

Golden Castle Theater

One of our first traveling theatres The Golden Castle adds an air of classical fairytale sparkle and magic to any event.

Any of our puppet shows can be performed in this theatre. 



Travel Height: Under 10'

Power Source: One 120-v power source

Dimensions: The Golden castle has a 7' by 10' footprint and is 12'6' tall with cones, 9'6'without. 

Story-Telling Flats

Our handpainted backdrops representing a variety of settings can be used for indoor or outdoor venues and are adaptable to fill any space. In addition they can be coupled with our other theaters to add extra whimsy to the performance space. 

Costume Trunks

Whether you have limited space or a tight budget, there's no venue too small for our colorful costume trunks! These are perfect for indoor and outdoor events; they offer quick and easy set up and break down. 


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