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Costume Storytelling 

What makes Middle-earth Story-telling so special? 

First, we invite anyone and everyone to join in the show! As many as 125 participants of all ages can choose to become one of many characters in the story. Then we dress them in one of our hand made costumes, which have been carefully tailored to transform anybody into a star. 



Our trained and experienced storytellers guide the characters through a fantastic imaginary world. Surrounded by dramatic music and sound-effects the children - and adults - immerse themselves in their roles. With no lines to learn or complex instructions to remember, any feelings of shyness or stage fright disappear.

 The performance becomes the unpredictable, often hilarious, product of the volunteers' creative interactions as they surprise each other, themselves, and sometimes even the storyteller! Together they weave a unique experience out of each and every show.


We offer a variety of original stories, all with diverse characters and settings. Worlds which can be full of dark mountains, fierce oceans, and desolate deserts featuring mermaids, gypsies, knights in shining armor, pirates and elven princesses. Listed below are five original tales to choose from. 

The tales of Middle-earth

The Wandering Princess 

A new-born princess is kidnapped from her cradle and replaced with an imposter. Rescued by forest animals and raised by the women of the wood, she returns to prove her royalty and save the kingdom.

The Legend of the Unicorn

A tale about a beautiful lake poisoned by a wicked serpent. Those who dwell around the lake set off on a quest to make its waters pure once more seeking help and guidance along the way. 


Meistersingers of Nuremburg 

A tale inspired by Wagner’s opera of the same name. A whole kingdom prepares for a singing contest, in which the winner will gain the hand of one of the king’s knights or princesses in marriage. What an embarrassment it is to the king when then the winner turns out to be a dragon!

The Pirates of Bucaneer Isle

group of shifty pirates hoodwink a party of noble English ladies to sail to their tropical island to become their brides. The pirates’ plans are foiled by a colony of lovely mermaids and the efforts of the brave sailors of the ship the Flying Pegasus.

The Freefolk of Middle-earth


Inspired by J.R.R Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”, this story follows a group of dwarves and animals as they face marauding goblins on a journey to regain their lost treasture with the help of brave knights and beautiful elven princesses.

Can't find the story you're looking for? In the past we have written stories to fit the themes of fairs and attractions. For more information contact us.


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