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Puppet Shows


  In addition to our live interactive stories, Middle-earth Studios also specializes in puppetry. We've been performing with puppets for over 30 years! Our puppet shows can be performed out of any of our traveling theatres. 


   Puppet shows can be an introduction to costume-storytelling, or presented as a stand-alone performance.

Click on each show image for more information and photos! 

Please contact us for booking rates and information. 

The Legend of EZ Ant

This zany puppet show tells the story of an eccentric young ant named "EZ."

It explores the importance of diversity, friendship and unity. 

Running time- 23 minutes

The Hobbit

This fantastic puppet show uses complex rod puppets and special effects to bring Tolkien's Masterpiece to life. 

Running time of  20 minutes 

A video of the full performance can be seen HERE 

Clever Hans

Based on a story that was first recorded by the The Brothers Grimm, it is about a young boy named Hans, who can't do anything right. It stresses one of life's most important lessons- we all learn from our mistakes. 

Running time- 15 minutes

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